Association of Bulgarian Broadcasters - ABBRO is non-governmental body representing TV and Radio operators in Bulgaria. It is the most representative and highly influential media organization as it includes broadcasters of all means of distribution – national free-to-air broadcasters, cable and satellite broadcasters, biggest national and regional radio networks and number of local players.

ABBRO represents its members before government agencies and officials, incl. regulation bodies, municipal authorities, international organizations and institutions.

ABBRO contributes to the law making process as to ensure fair and transparent market rules, as well as favorable legal framework.

Mediation and information function of ABBRO proves to be efficient and business worthy. In particular, ABBRO negotiates agreements with the respective collecting societies of behalf of its members, who benefit from collective representation within the rules of fair and undistorted competition.

Chair of the board: Mr. Atanas Genov

Executive Director: Ms. Anna Goranova

Contact details:
Association of Bulgarian Broadcasters - ABBRO
1463 Sofia, 1 Bulgaria sq
National Palace of Culture Administrative building, fl. 15, office 2

P: +359 2 980 67 11, +359 2 951 55 22
F: +359 2 916 63 51, +359 2 851 89 06

E: office@abbro-bg.org
web-site: www.abbro-bg.org

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